5 Things You Can Expect From Miss Shannon’s Cat Farm

Parenting ADHD is a lot like herding cats.

“What a weird name for a blog.”  – Me after confirming the name selection.  Sometimes things just fit.  With all the ADHD swirling through my home, I often feel like I live on a cat farm, and am trying to constantly corral them into whatever next thing.

Life can be challenging, especially when you’re the parent of a special-needs child who isn’t perceived as “special needs” by the community around you. Many people don’t see ADHD in that light.  They only see a “normal-looking kid who talks and interacts just fine.”  The struggle is real.

First, let me tell you that I work as a behavior therapist in–what I believe to be–the very best Autism Center in America.  This is a place where every single staff member loves the kiddos we work with.  It’s rare. It’s a literal diamond in the rough.

Through my schooling, training, and work with these beautiful kiddos, I have learned much about behavior, psychological processes, and about the resources available to kiddos with disorders.  I’ve realized that resources for ADHD kids are few and far between.  There is always the chance that I have left some dark corner of the world unexplored, but–doubtful.

Don’t get me wrong, there are some great sites out there, such as CHADD and ADDitude, but in my little town in Northwest Florida, there really isn’t much in the way of support, community, or even just understanding.

Miss Shannon’s Cat Farm promises to be a valuable resource for ADHD in the following ways:

  1. Community

We need each other. We all have things to contribute to each other’s lives, and the wisdom we’ve gleaned from our own experiences is invaluable. Let’s work together to find new and exciting ways to help each other out. It takes a village, y’all.

  1. Resources

From super-pertinent books to read, to videos, to behavior tips, to links, and beyond, I am going to do my darndest to get everything I can find into one Cat Farm.  I love to do research, so you’ll find most everything I learn on this blog.

3. Transparency

I refuse to pretend I have all the answers or that I have found the catch-all fix-all for ADHD. If you saw my child’s bedroom or locker at school you wouldn’t even question it. My personal belief is that we go through things to help others, so let the over-sharing begin!

  1. Creativity

I am an organizer by hobby, and I enjoy creating new ways to motivate and pour positivity into my kiddos. I also love to crafting, writing, running, reading, binge-watching the Office and New Girl, and doing all of the things. So, I’ll be sure to post lots of ideas and how-to’s for you to as well! (Neatly organized, of course.) I think you’ll find my Pinterest easy to navigate and full of things I hope to find time to do someday.

  1. Humor

The only way to survive in the Cat Farm is by laughing your way through the day.  Hopefully, I can help with that a little, too.  Instagram and Facebook help a lot with this one.

Let’s get to farming!

Your friend, Miss Shannon


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